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AzDA's Audio Amalgam podcast is a bi-weekly to monthly update from the Executive Director of the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) as well as AzDA members, programs, and community leaders.

This exclusive member dentist benefit takes a deeper dive into the current issues, obstacles, and opportunities dentists in Arizona face on a day-to-day basis, including: hot button issues, advocacy and new legislation, BODEX and the Dental Practice Act, licensure, business advice, AzDA member benefits, member dentist guest features, Q&As, and even roundtable discussions.

This is practical, applicable, and insider advice that member dentists practicing in Arizona absolutely need to know.

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Jan 6, 2020

Past AzDA President Dr. Michael Thompson covers everything from treating family members to corporate dentistry and the danger of using CDT codes as treatment planning tools. Has the doctor-patient relationship changed over time? What should it look like? Dr. Thompson shares his insight. 

0:00 – 8:30—Why dentistry? Dr. Thompson's professional background.

8:31 – 12:30—Should you treat your friends, family, etc.?

12:30 – 17:45—Changes and challenges in dentistry 

17:46 – 23:45—Doctor patient relations—is there a difference for dentists working in a corporate practice?

23:46 – 25:15—Robotic dentistry

25:16 – 31:27—Dentists interchangeable commodities. Right?

31:28 – 32:45—Beyond the income—the rewards of dentistry

32:46 – 41:20—Dr. Thompson's story of doctor-patient relations. How can I inspire this patient who is depressed and sick of doctors?

41:21 – 46:05—Treating patients free of CDT codes. Thoughts beyond the drill, fill, and bill approach.

46:06 – 47:50—Getting away from using insurance reimbursement as a treatment planning tool

47:51 – 47:50—How did you imagine yourself in dental profession when you first got into it? Has the doctor-patient relationship changed since then?