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AzDA's Audio Amalgam podcast is a bi-weekly to monthly update from the Executive Director of the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) as well as AzDA members, programs, and community leaders.

This exclusive member dentist benefit takes a deeper dive into the current issues, obstacles, and opportunities dentists in Arizona face on a day-to-day basis, including: hot button issues, advocacy and new legislation, BODEX and the Dental Practice Act, licensure, business advice, AzDA member benefits, member dentist guest features, Q&As, and even roundtable discussions.

This is practical, applicable, and insider advice that member dentists practicing in Arizona absolutely need to know.

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Aug 3, 2023

The podcast episode features an interview with Dr. Kent Tuttle, a dentist who is passionate about charity work and making a positive impact. Dr. Tuttle discusses his background in dentistry, including his initial hesitation to pursue the profession and how witnessing humanitarian dentistry in Ecuador changed his perspective. He explains that he wants to inspire others to prioritize impact over money and emphasizes the benefits of doing charity work for dental practices and their staff. Dr. Tuttle also outlines his charity movement called "The Smile Movement," which focuses on providing comprehensive smile makeovers to those in need. He describes the screening process for potential patients and encourages other dentists to get involved by donating their time and skills. Dr. Tuttle shares his vision for the future, which includes expanding the charity nationwide and training other dentists. He also emphasizes the importance of dentists reflecting on their motivations and using their profession to give back.