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AzDA's Audio Amalgam podcast is a bi-weekly to monthly update from the Executive Director of the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) as well as AzDA members, programs, and community leaders.

This exclusive member dentist benefit takes a deeper dive into the current issues, obstacles, and opportunities dentists in Arizona face on a day-to-day basis, including: hot button issues, advocacy and new legislation, BODEX and the Dental Practice Act, licensure, business advice, AzDA member benefits, member dentist guest features, Q&As, and even roundtable discussions.

This is practical, applicable, and insider advice that member dentists practicing in Arizona absolutely need to know.

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Dec 10, 2018

Last week we sent the email below to all AzDA members. Because so many questions came in, AzDA Executive Director Kevin Earle recorded a special Audio Amalgam podcast to provide some additional clarity and to address your questions.
To access the audio file, click the button below. The podcast is only about six minutes long. 

Want to jump to a specific section? Use the timestamps below.

  • Overview :44
  • Are you just finding out about this now? You've missed AzDA's communications to you: 3:06
  • Can I get an extension past January 1, 2020: 3:33
  • Are there free services out there: 4:23
  • I only prescribe maybe 4-5 narcotic (opioid type) prescriptions a year, do I really have to do this: 4:33
  • The waiver will buy me twelve more months. Do you think AzDA will have a solution by then: 4:41
  • Wrap up: 5:13