88% of dentists say that referrals are their number one source of new patients. However, most dentists lack a system for attracting new patients through referrals.

In this podcast, guest Brandon Barnum, Chairman of Champion Dentists, touches on the art of asking for referrals, setting the stage, listening for referral triggers, and then making the ask. He also explores the role of incentives and gamification in encouraging the dental team to actively seek referrals.

The podcast then moves into offering insights into opportunities for dentists to increase profitability through partnerships, charging market rates, and optimizing unused scheduled time. For dentists looking for opportunities to make their practice more profitable, this podcast provides some good insights. 

Host Jeremy Tuber, AzDA marcom dir.

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In this latest Audio Amalgam podcast, three AzDA member dentists (two practice in an urban setting; one in a rural) discuss the challenges they face in hiring, training, and managing their dental staff. Their frank discussion covers finding the right employees, conducting performance reviews, and making the decision to let someone go. They also discuss the changing landscape of the dental workforce and the importance of creating a positive work environment. Host Dr. Eric Curtis, Dr. Brett Dameron, and Dr. Allison House share their personal experiences and strategies for managing their teams effectively. 

1. The challenges of hiring and retaining dental staff, including finding the right fit and dealing with employee turnover.
2. The importance of creating a positive work environment and maintaining a strong team dynamic.
3. Strategies for conducting performance reviews and providing ongoing feedback to employees.
4. The changing landscape of the dental workforce and the impact of factors such as the pandemic and evolving technology.
5. The need for continuous education and staying up to date with industry changes.

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