AzDA member dentists Dr. Mai-Ly Duong, Associate Director Dental Faculty; and Dr. Maureen Perry, Associate Dean for Post-Doctoral Education Director, the Center for Advanced Oral Health, discuss special care dentistry. They focus on the Center for Advanced Oral Health at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences’ Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, which provides comprehensive, patient-centered dentistry for those with advanced oral healthcare needs.

0:00 - 3:40—Dr. Maureen Perry's background

3:41 - 4:30—What makes the Center for Advanced Oral Health at AT Still special?

4:31 - 5:20—What populations are treated at the Center for Advanced Oral Health?

5:21 - 6:20—What barriers are patients facing in getting their treatment?

6:21 - 8:10—What advice do you have for dentists who might not have the training to treat the special care population?

8:11 - 10:30—How is the Center for Advanced Oral Health equipped to treat larger patients?

10:31 - 12:00—What options do you have available to ease patient anxiety?

12:01 - 13:50—What can you share about the residency program?

13:51 - 16:10—What kind of barriers does the special care population deal with? Is there legislation to help with these barriers?

16:11 - 17:00—What is the Sante Fe Group?

17:01 - 17:30—Who can come in for treatment at the Center for Advanced Oral Health?

17:31 - 21:45—Talk about the patient advocacy program

21:46 - 23:10—Patients with sleep apnea and or high blood pressure

23:11 - 25:10—How can dentists refer to the Center for Advanced Oral Health?

25:11 - End—How you can get in touch with Dr. Perry

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(37min, recorded in September 2019).

AzDA's Council on Government Affairs member Dr. Brian Powley, (campaign manager for Arizona State Representative Dr. Paul Gosar, Arizona State Representative Dr. Regina Cobb, and ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson), shares insights on running for ADA president, maintaining civility with so much partisanship, how the office of ADA president has changed over the years, and a few inside glimpses on Dr. Klemmedson's campaign.


0:00 - 5:15—Dr. Powley's background and family history in politics
5:16 - 6:20—War without bloodshed. Maintaining civility in politics (dental politics) despite partisanship.
6:21 - 10:00—Dr. Powley's role as campaign manager for newly elected ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson, and what's the process in running for ADA president.
10:01 - 12:00—Are we voting for ADA president the right way? Is the process fair?
12:01 - 15:30—What exactly does the ADA president do? What will ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson do when he's installed as ADA president?
15:01 - 16:35—Things change slowly in politics. Is that a good thing?
16:36 - 20:30—What does it take to run for ADA president?
20:31 - 21:30—How might ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson be different as ADA president?
21:31 - 24:30—What's changed about the ADA presidency over the years?
24:31 - 26:45—What kinds of questions did ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson prepare for during his campaign?
26:46 - 29:55—Why did ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson run unopposed? What odd questions were asked of ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson?
29:56 - 33:40—Did ADA President-elect Dr. Dan Klemmedson have a platform?
33:41 - 37:00—What advice would you give to a dentist who wants to get involved in politics?

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Past AzDA President Dr. Michael Thompson covers everything from treating family members to corporate dentistry and the danger of using CDT codes as treatment planning tools. Has the doctor-patient relationship changed over time? What should it look like? Dr. Thompson shares his insight. 

0:00 – 8:30—Why dentistry? Dr. Thompson's professional background.

8:31 – 12:30—Should you treat your friends, family, etc.?

12:30 – 17:45—Changes and challenges in dentistry 

17:46 – 23:45—Doctor patient relations—is there a difference for dentists working in a corporate practice?

23:46 – 25:15—Robotic dentistry

25:16 – 31:27—Dentists interchangeable commodities. Right?

31:28 – 32:45—Beyond the income—the rewards of dentistry

32:46 – 41:20—Dr. Thompson's story of doctor-patient relations. How can I inspire this patient who is depressed and sick of doctors?

41:21 – 46:05—Treating patients free of CDT codes. Thoughts beyond the drill, fill, and bill approach.

46:06 – 47:50—Getting away from using insurance reimbursement as a treatment planning tool

47:51 – 47:50—How did you imagine yourself in dental profession when you first got into it? Has the doctor-patient relationship changed since then?

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