Inscriptions' Editor Dr. Eric Curtis discusses women in dentistry (the similarities and differences between female and male dentists) as well as online versus in-person dental communities with AzDA Past President Dr. Allison House.

This candid conversation covers a lot of ground, but it's honest, spirited, and amusing. You'll enjoy it!

0:00 – 9:00—Dr. House’s background (and you thought you had it rough in dental school). How a dentist saving her dad’s life, and challenges of being a female dental student. How the dean of her dental school devastated her with a handshake.

9:01 – 12:00—What Dr. House did after dental school—she had $250k of debt and $75 in her pocket. What she “thought” dentistry would be like. Her challenging experience in a nondentist-owned practice—what shocked her.  

12:01 – 17:00—Dr. House’s transition into private practice. Mistakes she made and what she learned to appreciate. Her quick philosophy in dealing with insurance.  

17:01 – 21:50—Dental team female or male? Boundaries with female and male dentists. How female and male dentists relate to their teams and their patients. Why Dr. House hasn’t wore scrubs in almost 20 years.

21:51 – 24:00—Obstacles Dr. House dealt with as a female dentist. Juggling motherhood with career aspirations.

24:01– 27:00—Dr. House publicly shares her early-career experience in nondentist owned practice. She received support and judgement. She helps to get a law passed regarding corporate dentistry.

27:01– 32:00—How Dr. House prepared to become AzDA’s youngest president, and why she developed AzDA’s Women in Dentistry program and other communities at AzDA. Other communities Dr. House envisions creating. Are online communities really the answer for dentists who want community?

32:01– 35:20—Dentists and their fear of admitting mistakes, and how the internet made it worse. An informal, casual dentist-only community that supports and encourages—Dr. House’s vision compared online trolls.

35:21– 38:00—Dental students see Dr. House as the “perfect” dentist. She sets them straight quickly about her and expectations.

38:01– 41:00—Dentistry as a commodity—really? Patients have no idea how tough dentistry is, and dentists need to communicate it.

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