Audience: Dentists looking to transition into or out of a dental practice.

The business of dental practice transitions is constantly changing. As young dentists are looking for quality dental practices to either purchase or affiliate with as associates, senior dentists are planning to transition into retirement from private practice and are seeking someone to take over their legacy.

If a person is either seeking to buy a practice, sell a practice, become an associate, or form a partnership with a colleague, building a knowledge base of how to construct these “transitions” is what this podcast is about.

  • How does the whole ‘sales’ process work when ‘selling’ a practice?
  • What would you recommend in terms of transition: a partnership or an associate to buy the practice later?
  • Can you go into detail as to why it isn’t a good idea to use a general “rule of thumb” to value a dental practice for transition?
  • What are the mechanics of valuing a dental practice?
  • What is your experience with banks lending money to dentists to buy practices – especially with high student loans, and rising interest rates?


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