My daughter's teacher had a simple class assignment: provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a PB&J sandwich. This got me thinking about communication—patient communication—and exactly how much of what I share with patients is actually retained.

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AzDA Editor Dr. Eric Curtis' Safford, AZ office was twice overrun by local Boy Scout troops looking to earn a merit badge. What the kids learned and what Dr. Curtis took away from the unexpected visit.

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After providing a quick history on specialties, Dr. Roda tackles specialist referrals from the new dentist perspective (who is looking to keep cases in house) as well as the specialist (who wants to be respected and not dumped on). From years of experience as a GP and then an endodonotic specialist, Dr. Roda has a distinct perspective on how this multifaceted relationship should work.

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Dr. Curtis shares his uninhibited thoughts about the "mindless bovine open-mouth smacking" that has made gum chewing an indelible pet peeve for him. As a fair-minded clinician though, he’s can't pull himself to claim it's completely worthless...

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If you're on the dental speaking circuit or maybe just considering it, international speaker and 2018 AzDA President Rob Roda offers you some invaluable first-hand insights, humor, personal stories from the road, and advice on how to break into the speaking while juggling a busy practice. 

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